Q1. Suraj has a total of Rs 15750  in coins of denomination Rs 10, Rs 5 ,Rs 2 and Rs 1. The number of Rs 2 coins is 10 times the number of Rs 5 coins,the number of Rs 1 coin is 5 times of rs 2 coin,the number of Rs 10 coin is 3 times  of Rs 1 coin. How many coins of each denomination are with him?

Q2. Anuj is 4 years younger than his elder brother virat. Anuj is 64 year younger than his grandfather . Anuj’s Grandfather is 30years older than anuj’s father. The sum of ages of all four is 150 years. What is  the age of each of them?

Q3. Solve 0.75(10f – 3) = 0.05(10f – 20)

Q4. Sum of  the digits of a two-digit number is 12. When we interchange the digits, it is found that the resulting new number  is greater than the original number by 18. What is the two-digit number?

Q5. The digits of a two-digit number differ by 2.  If the digits are interchanged, and the resulting number is added to the original number, we get 132. What can be the original number?

Q6. What should be added to twice the rational number  -7/8  to get twice of 5/9?

Q7. The present age of Roshni’s mother is four times the present age of Roshni. After 5 years their ages will add to 53 years. Find their present ages.

Q8 . Solve 25(3y – 4) –2(15y – 9) + 5(5y + 6) = 0

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